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How To Pack For A Weekend Getaway

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Photo via parkandcube.com
Photo via parkandcube.com

Summer! Heat! Weekend getaways! WO-HOO! But, before we get all excited, we better think ahead and plan a little. Yes, because we don’t want this weekend to be like that time you realized your beauty case was well far away from your Airbnb in Paris, still waiting for you in your bathroom all ready to go. Or that time you realized a little too late you had forgotten all of your bras and you had to buy a new set.

Nothing against lingerie shopping, but, you see, a weekend getaway is not made for spending your money on anything but cocktails in the sun and typical restaurants. And, ok, the occasional shopping spree. But not for necessities!

Necessities should already be packed neatly in your suitcase, but, for the packing to be effective, a proper guide is needed. So here it goes: this is how to pack for a weekend getaway.

Repeat to yourself: “It’s a weekend, not a month”

Seems obvious, but oh it isn’t. We all have that one friend who shows up for a weekend getaway with the kind of suitcase designed for moving to a new country. If you don’t have one, it’s you. Why do you do this to yourself? Think about it!

Think in compartments: Day, Evening, Party

Start by packing something you really want to show off wherever you are going this weekend. Beach? Bikini. City tour? That new top you have desired for months and finally bought with your savings. Evening dinner? THAT dress that makes you look like a thousand bucks. And party, well…mix and match until you drop. Got one of everything? Now add one more each, and a couple pants. DONE.

FYI: you’re probably not gonna wear that thing you haven’t worn before

If you haven’t worn it so far, it’s highly unlikely you will on vacation. Bring with your trusted piece that you look great in.

Think of the weather

Just because it’s summer it doesn’t mean it’s not gonna be cold and rainy. Take it from someone who went to a 3-day-festival with just shorts, and found out too late that summer in Belgium can be about 15 degrees.

Think of your back

You really want to carry that huge suitcase all over the place? I think you don’t.

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