Sale Season Is Here

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We all love summer. We love it for better (clear blue sky, summer dresses and gelato) and for worse (sweating, the question of the summer body and claustrophobic attacks at the mere thought of a pair of skinny jeans). But wait, haven’t we forgotten about something?

Of course, how could we? Sale Season has just started and, as it seems, captured us so tightly with its claws that, in all the excitement over 50% off the season’s coolest pieces, we had almost missed telling you – but who wouldn’t, really?

After all, if done right, shopping fashion at a reduced price delights the heart of an every aesthetic-savvy woman. Why? Because it enables us to get hold of all the pieces that we normally couldn’t or wouldn’t want to afford. Because it suggests that you save money, if not even make money. Because it makes you feel that you – and not the retailer – have the upper hand in the game. But with due respect to your inner penny-pincher, there are even some “rules” to follow when doing sales shopping. They are as follows:

  • Don’t buy just-bygone trend pieces: avoid falling into the trap of f.e. buying a pair of culottes with the justification that, someday, they will eventually be cool again and you will actually want to wear them – it’s the sort of acquisition that, in the hassle of sales, too often and wrongly gets hidden in the cerebral drawer of  “reasonable” purchases.
  • Stay away from “reasonable”: if you have to justify a buy with the aforementioned adjective, don’t buy it! It lacks agitation character!
  • Don’t buy what you normally wouldn’t: a platitude, but one to be remembered. Don’t buy stuff BECAUSE it’s on sale, but rather you can now afford it without causing a major budget hole in your wallet…or so.
  • Sale season is one to treat yourself with a dash of “unnecessary”: go for the pair golden, attention-shoes. Give in to the attempt of the gaudy fur bag that you’ve so long been craving for. Surrender at the sight of another satin bomber jacket. This is the season to do so!

Check out the gallery to see the sale season’s most coveted pieces!



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