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Notorious Etiquette: How To Be A Feminist, By Maisie Williams

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With all this inspiring talk of women’s rights and wishes to make things better, it’s always a pleasure when a little bit of wisdom comes straight from the upper seats held by celebrities. Not because they are particularly good people, but because every celeb out there has the weird yet incredibly useful power to make any opinion popular among their followers — or, better, fandoms.

And it’s just about time someone talked about the feminist issue in a new, refreshing way. Young actress Maisie Williams, well known for her role in Game of Thrones (as Arya, of course), approached the issue after it has become quite noticeable how many consider a problem being a feminist due to the stigma associated with the term. Her wise words follow:

I think we should stop calling feminists ‘feminists’ and just start calling people who aren’t feminists ‘sexists’.

We totally agree, so here is a little Notorious Etiquette guide dedicated to how to be a feminist — or better, a normal person.

Learn the basics

It’s so easy to meet guys (and some girls) who think feminism entails the superiority of women. Breaking news: nope. Feminism is about the equality of the sexes, and whoever says otherwise is either uninformed or full of ***.

Get out of the Middle Ages

Many men have started to call themselves feminists, but many others have trouble associating themselves with such a ‘feminine’ word. Obviously, this problem is very much one that would fit well in the Middle Ages. Also, if we listen to Maisie’s words, this problem doesn’t even exist anymore. 

Embrace the obvious

The obvious being: if we are talking about equality, then why the hell are we even still talking about it? It’s 2016, people. Equality shouldn’t even be an issue.

Just think, that’s really enough

Although this world has been used to think of women and men as different, they are really not, if we get past the biological differences. A human is a human. It’s really that simple.

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