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Foods You Think Are Healthy, But They Are Not, Really

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Photo via cup-love.com
Photo via cup-love.com

Food fads are the thing nowadays — all the hype around healthy foods and big words that seem to have the magical powers to turn one not-so-healthy food into a healthy one. Just in: they don’t. More often than not, a big word is just a big word,¬†or better, a great marketing technique food companies use in order to keep up with the health trend.

But there is a way out. Always checking the components of everything you buy is a good start, but, to give some further help, here is the list you need. Here are the foods you think are healthy, but, trust us, they are really not.

Multi-grain and wheat bread

If these “grains” sponsored on the package are refined, it’s not really that different from buying regular white bread. Always check the ingredients list on the back. Some brands have the guts to add sugar, even.

Ready salads

Oh, salad, our diet, veggie-filled friend. Right? Wrong. Make your salads at home and avoid to buy them ready. Reason? Dressing, my dear. Lots of dressing.

Frozen yogurt

It might seem like a good alternative to ice cream when really, there is not much difference there. If the frozen yogurt is filled with standard sugar and covered in delicious toppings, you might as well go for a stracciatella cone and forget about it.

Fruit juices

Just because it says ‘fruit’, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. And this is exactly the case. Most fruit juices might have a bit of fruit in there, but stay assured that said fruit will be stripped of all its fibers, and that it will all be completed with a ton of sugar. Stay safe: eat an actual fruit.

Rice cakes

Low in calories, yes, but often stripped of any nutritional value. Also, it’s still rice, really.


Organic doesn’t mean low in calories or even healthy. Don’t let yourself be fooled. You guessed it: organic cookies or chocolate are still cookies and chocolate.


While it might sound like a good idea, it’s not, really. Trans fats, which margarine can easily be filled with, are the enemy. Go for olive and coconut oils instead.

Most low-fat things (seriously)

Although most believe that fat is evil, it’s quite the opposite when it comes to healthy fats. Also, most of the low/no-fat products you can find in the supermarket have been added a little something to enhance the flavor. Yep, once again, your BFF sugar.

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