30 Trend Pieces In All The Colors Of The Aquarium

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Photo: Who What Wear
Photo: Who What Wear

Blue, blue, blue is everything I’m wearing. Blue, blue, blue, my only clothes shall be. Why do I always dress myself in blue? Because true fashion is inside of you [check out this if you like yellow too] – even though it seems like (or actually is) ages ago that the darker shades of blue have captured their place as classics in our wardrobes and also the declaration of navy as the new black already dates back a few seasons, it is just now that fashion editors around the world have developed a true, refreshened covetousness for all shades blue. And, the naturally style savvy people that they (we) are, they’ve found one or another exciting way of pairing it, aside from the all-time sailor pick:

  • Black’n’blue is now wohoo:  what so long counted as an absolute fashion no-go, now rules the fashion scene big time. It’s fresh, it’s chic and hasn’t yet embraced the cloying smell of second-rate personal style blogs.
  • Blue plus green is now a team: mix the color of a slightly clouded sky with the deep tones of a hunter’s green – adding a bit of earnest to the girlyness of light-blue is the best thing you could do right now.
  • Orange and blue – that’s a crew: aware of the fact that combining supplementary colors with each other involves a certain amount of risk, we still strongly advocate it in this case: light-blue with orange-y brown tones or dark-blue with the eye-catching shades of a carott – both look fine!

To be a bit more specific, we’ve compiled some exemplary outfits for the aforementioned combinations and also – not less important – seeked out the best pieces blue en vente. For that, check out the gallery!

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