12 Unnecessary Necessities For Your Home

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Photo via Curbed
Photo via Curbed

As you know, we from Notorious dedicate a bigger part of our lives to all things beautiful. To us, fashion is more than rags, it’s something through which you can (and we’re not just saying this, we mean it!) express yourself, something that can make you feel like a million dollars. We are keen as mustard on all things that merge culture and asthetics because these are the things that make life beautiful. And it’s quite obvious that, the superficial, looks-oriented people that we are (attention, irony!), we want our habitat to meet our expectations just as fully as the aforementioned things. There’s no need of shame when admitting that most of us free themselves from the (unluckily still) uncomfortable, pinching pair of skinny jeans, literally breathtaking office skirt or cramp-triggering pair of stilettos the minute they walk through their front door – but it’s all the more a reason to reevaluate your interior expenses. Spending your well-earnt after-work hours on your sofa, wearing your favorite, pink Juicy Couture track suit and indulging in an extra large plate of Pasta (or some guilt-free snacks, if you’re into that kind of stuff) can be absolutely fabulous – but for that, a few prerequisites need to be fullfilled:

a) Said pasta needs to be savoured from the right plate. Eating pasta from the wrong plate, however, is said to increase the risk of getting a paunch. Never underestimate the tableware you’re eating from!

b) When having finished  the officially unplanned but deep down well-planned second helping, you’ll want to park the -possibly even licked off- plate somewhere. Nothing’s worse than barefootedly stepping into the oily relics of what (seemingly ages ago) constituted a truly pleasant meal – invest in a proper coffee table and never again will this problem arise.

c) The exciting part is now over. Put up your feet onto the couch and lean back onto a hopefully – both in terms of comfort and design – appealing cushion. Again, acquire some quality!

And for the rest, check out the gallery. There’s some really cool design stuff in there, that only waits to be discovered. Go check it out!


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