The New Office Uniform Is No Uniform

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Photo via askandyaboutclothes.com

Long are gone the times where a suit made a man. Nowadays, a suit looks good, yes, but a) it can easily look good on both men and women and b) it’s the style to make a really winning outfit. While until a decade ago the uniform used to be the rule of conformity, we have to remember that, at least within (and on the way to) the office, conformity had a different meaning from today, fashion-wise.

Conforming to the rules of fashion was the way to be, especially when the rules of fashion by day were mostly concerning what you wore to the office. It’s just in the latest years that the concept of office uniform, at least in most environments, has been gradually leaving space to personal style. As creative street style takes over the cities of the world, the offices in the same cities open their door to a fresh breeze of color and self-expression.

Photo via edition.cnn.com
Photo via edition.cnn.com

For both men and women, the decline of the office uniform has been also symptom of freedom. Out with the rigid frames of traditional office wear, in with the good vibes of freedom of expression. Legs could be bared, shoulder pads could be left at home, and diversity could be acquired.

Sure, who’s not a fan of picking your outfit in the morning? Wearing your favorite t-shirt can make your day a little brighter, and those who went to a school where uniforms were compulsory know how not being able to do so can be a pain. But mind you: personal style in the office does not mean baseball caps and broken sneakers (well, maybe sometimes). Dumping the old tailleur for some capri pants and breezy button-down is quite cool and liberating, but there must be a certain degree of mindfulness behind every pick. We like to celebrate the fall of the uniform, but, unless you work in a place where you don’t need to look like a serious person from time to time, you should still probably leave your sweatpants home — unless it’s sweatpants day. Yes, that’s a thing.

Embrace the new, free office wear, but with mindfulness. And if you’re somehow still missing the tradition and charm of the office uniform, the solution is rather simple: wear it! That’s the beauty of self-expression: you can do it however you like, even breaking its rules.

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