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Pre-Wedding Detox Done Right

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Photo via popsugar.com
Photo via popsugar.com

You might be aware of the fact that we from Notorious are not too much into the no-food-all-sports kinda detox. Because although it’s no question that indulging in a little bit of restraint every now and then to silence your guilty conscience is necessary, life is simply too short to make it a continuous abstinence. That’s why, when talking pre-marriage detox, we put our focus on pleasure rather than on prohibition. On laughing rather than on starving. On Amy Schumer rather than on Kayla Itsines. Here are the Notorious principles for not only looking but also being happy when THE day arrives:

Sleep a lot

No matter what your lifestyle normally looks like, stock up on sleep in the weeks before your wedding. Chances are good you’ll have one or two sleepless nights in this time frame and there’s hardly anything worse than being tired AND in constant excitement.

Eat well

Find a golden medium between giving in to every lust that arises and uptightly forbidding yourself another serving from your grandmother’s Sunday roast.

Don’t postpone any grand decisions to the last moment

You do not want to get in the situation of having to dig up the ultimate party band a day before THE day, believe me.

Surround yourself with the people you love

And we’re not just talking about your husband-to-be. We’re talking best girlfriends, parents, aunts and whoever else makes you happy and, also, laugh.

Soak up the sun, but don’t roast!

If you’re not too much into the snow white feel, you’ll probably want to get a nice tan for your nuptial rite. Whether you achieve this by the means of self-tanner, solarium or a Moroccan timeout we don’t care – just please, please don’t overdo it. Always remember: a carrot in silk is a carrot no less (chased by a lot of chit-chat).

Spend a weekend at your parents’ place and play father-mother-child

Join in your mother’s lament on your neighbours impertinence of letting his raspberry bushes grow over the fence without sharing their harvest ; let your father explain you the world without giving backtalk; pit your slightly rusty football abilities against your brother’s; savour a hot chocolate and Mum’s homemade apricot jam (on bread, naturally) for breakfast. And in the end, realize once again that no matter how much you love your family there’s a reason for you having moved out at some point.

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