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Guilt-Free Snacks To Eat In The Office (Or Anywhere Else)

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Photo via unsupersizemebyzenfitness.wordpress.com
Photo via unsupersizemebyzenfitness.wordpress.com

Now that summer approaches, it is not easy to keep hands at bay when it comes to hardcore snacking. As sweaters become thinner, the chocolate bits you allow to yourself get smaller and smaller…And yes, being healthy is important, but the healthy life can be rather boring if not taken with a little creativity. This is why we decided to share some precious tips so that you can have tons (ok, a few) of guilt-free snacks and feel as light as a feather, in body and mind.

Avocado forever

Avocado is not a super slim meal, it’s true, but the fats it contains are all healthy and aimed to lower your cholesterol. Also, it’s darn delicious. Eat half of it with a pinch of salt and pepper, easily with a spoon or spread on toast.

A handful of nuts a day…

Ok, maybe not a handful a day. But you can stay assured that a few nuts (not the salty ones) are a way healthier alternative to candy.

One hardboiled egg

How awesome are eggs? Answer: very. Once in a while, hardboil one in the morning and keep it for later as a nourishing snack.

Raw veggies

It really doesn’t get any healthier than this. For the most guilt-free of all guilt-free snacks, have some raw carrots and cucumbers always ready for when the hunger strikes. Add some hummus for taste.

Low-fat greek yogurt

It tastes a bit like cheese, but it’s not cheese, and it’s delicious. Add the aforementioned nuts for texture and some interesting hints here and there as you dig in.

Frozen berries

Craving icecream and lollipops? Now there is a solution. Keep some frozen berries in your freezer (duh!) and enjoy a bowl when your sugar cravings get unbearable.

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