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Meet Camille Boyer, And Her Fabulous Take Festival In Vienna

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In the midst of much celebration, Notorious went to have a chat with the lady of the hour, Camille Boyer.

Camille Boyer is one of the founders of the Austrian Fashion Association and co-initiator of Take Festival For Independent Fashion and Arts. This year is the first edition of the festival, and it’s taking place at the Alte Post in Vienna. Take Festival is a huge, complex program that is taking place as we speak since last Tuesday, April 19, and will continue until April 23. There will be talks, exhibitions, shows, performances, and even a delightful pop-up store. Camille Boyer

The aim here is to promote the whole Austrian scene, from designers to photographers; overall, it’s the creation of a great platform for all people working on the border between fashion and art, in a mix of passions that never ceases to charm. 

The kickoff, naturally, were the Austrian Fashion Awards, when a number of talented designers were awarded some enviable prizes in order to kick start their fashion careers on Austrian land. For every edition, carte blanche is given to an artist or designer for the artistic direction of the show itself, and the result are always a pleasant, extra-creative surprise.

Camille is from Paris, and naturally we felt like asking her why she is so determined to bring all things fashion and art in Vienna, of all places. Quite the globetrotter, Camille moved to Vienna for love fifteen years ago. Compared to Paris, where the markets are oversaturated with fashion companies and the like, Vienna is to her a place where to make new things happen. Not yet a fashion capital, Vienna is nevertheless buzzing with creative talent and filled with possibilities. And which terrain would be more fertile?

The Austrian Fashion Association has, obviously, a mission: promoting and nurturing talented fashion designers and helping them in the professional world. Basically, a fashion help for me skies.

Also, click on the gallery to see a few shots from the Austrian Fashion Awards.

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