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Awaiting “First Monday In May”, The Latest Fashion Movie

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There’s something especially alluring about fashion movies. By giving (well thought-over) “insight” to the backstage area of a world that ordinary people are normally withheld from, they build up a beautified image of what the industry looks like – and leaves the least without a wishful sight. But unfortunately, these films rarely come without a reason. Think of “September Issue”, the 2009 documentary about the production of the 2007 Vogue September Issue: as well known, a reaction to “The Devil Wears Prada” and its damaging effect to Anna Wintour‘s reputation, the movie took us inside Vogue US’s glamorous headquarter (which looked frighteningly similar to the one in “The Devil Wears Prada”) and almost too casually showed the formerly unknown human side of Anna Wintour, a.k.a the devil.


“First Monday In May”, produced in-house by Conde Nast Entertainment and directed by Andrew Rossi, seems to be no difference. The feature-length documentary accompanies the Met ball organisation’s most important personalities through the event’s year-long preparation process: Anna Wintour, the event’s organizer, Sylvana Ward Durrett, Vogue’s Director of Special Projects and Andrew Bolton, Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute curator. As the 2015 Met Ball celebrated the Costume Institute’s blockbuster exhibition “China: Through the Looking Glass”, it’s Bolton on whom the superficial spotlight lies. In reality, though, because of his withdrawn personality, it’s no other than Anna Wintour who’s – once again- the star of the hour. Together with her assertiveness and her royal household of Starbucks-cups carrying underlings, she “gets it done” once again.

But don’t get us wrong here. We’re not trying to be snobs. We at notorious admittedly spend the majority of our time reading, writing and discussing (about) fashion, pop-culture and society – so who else would be looking forward to this movie if not us? “First Monday In May” will neither reinvent the wheel nor be able to successfully gloss over the slight but distinct smell of advertising, but it will surely do for one thing: a cosy dinner-and-movie night with your beloved girlfriends!

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