Beach Body – Yes Or No?!

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Photo: www.allure.com
Photo: www.allure.com

In every year, in every spring to be exact, there comes an inevitable point where either you yourself or somebody else is gonna ask you the big question: are or are you not going to have a “beach body” this year? Because, as all body-conscious folks know, the beach body demands not only will, but mostly planning ahead. Adjourning your daily amount of 30 sit-ups until it has become so unbearably hot outside you can’t avoid showing yourself in your slightly-too-small monokini (damn, but how well it fitted last year…) anymore is alright – but you’ll have to cope with the fact that for this season there ain’t no beach body for you!

Unluckily, as we’ve somehow managed to sneak ourselves into the 4th month of 2016 without any greater feeling of guilt – let alone spring-resolutions (apart from the making-frozen-yoghurt-yourself-one)- I hold the unpleasant assignment of telling you that THE TIME TO START EXERCISING WOULD BE NOW.

But how do we even know if we want to? To facilitate this seemingly so insignificant but all the more crucial decision, we’ve summarized all the pro’s and con’s- just from us to you:


  • The results will make us confident enough to wear all the great, great things we’ve ever envisioned but never actually had the guts for, like wearing a bra over your evening gown.
  • We’ve spent the lenten season trying to feast the grey sky away – an undertaking that might have ultimately succeeded but one that also added some rings to our already well-fed abdominal area. So why not exercise ourselves in some abstinence for a while?
  • After years of draping your bathing towel around your hips as soon as you’d left the swimming pool, you could finally run gaily around the place and sip some Coca Cola light while actually craving your not-beach-body-friend’s Magnum Gold.
  • As the danger of public bathing places is imminent, so is the warmth: abstaining from the still-warm lava chocolate cake shouldn’t be too hard when the heat forces you to persevere in front of a rickety fan.


  • you might not be craving warm chocolate lava cake in the aforementioned situation – but what about ice cream, frozen yogurt with melted chocolate and cooling caipirinhas, ever thought about that? Summer has its delicacies as well and we all know how easy it is to tell oneself that “frozen mango yogurt is basically mango” – right?
  • it’s not like summer was one big succession of nudity. Actually, most of the days you do wear more than a bathing suit, therefore: the bikini struggle IS real, but only for the very predictable timeframe of your holidays.
  • If striving for the beach body means dieting and working out three whole months for just 2 weeks of holidays – is that actually worth it? Just think about all the ice cream, pizza and sundowners you will have to say no to!

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