Meet Jeremy Scott, Inside Out

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Who is Jeremy Scott, really? We know him as the designer, the creative head, the personification of the irreverent Italian brand Moschino.

That same Moschino that was founded and flourished in the 1980s, but had declined since its founder, Franco Moschino, died of AIDS in’94. This period of drought lasted until 2013, when Jeremy Scott took over the brand’s creative direction and managed to bring it and the understanding for its humour back to the cool kids – an accomplishment that, because of Moschino’s deeply rooted eighties sensibility, was not naturally bound to happen. Jeremy Scott ikes to say: “nothing’s ever in and nothing’s ever out” and apparently he is not interested in the dictates that come from the fashion industry’s big players.

He satisfies the generation Y’s longings for fun fashion – keyword Adidas wing-shoes or McDonalds french fries iPhone case – and at the same time manages to channel the fashion world’s latest party chatter, f.e. “fast fashion” for his Fall 2016 house-on-fire collection.

When looking at Jeremy Scott’s residence in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills, you realize he has indeed real good taste. After his first grown-up house, which was a 1930s Art Mo­derne in the Hollywood Hills, he acquired a jaggedly futuristic house built in 1947 by the iconic California modern architect John Lautner. The site is a great example for modern architecture and makes us dream of a sunny Sunshine Boulevard, where the days are longer, the skin darker and the hair brighter.

Check out the gallery to see Jeremy Scotts little mansion from the inside out!


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