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Success, Money, Power And Women’s Liberation

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Are success, money and power the values that define women’s liberation? Or are we being told so because governments need our “power” to increase their tax revenues? I tend to believe that nowadays, feminist discourse is more about economics than women’s rights. In 2012, Forbes Woman in partnership with Thebump.com, led a survey of women in the workforce. The results showed that a growing number of women saw staying home and raising children (while the partner provides financial support) as the ideal. These women had an entirely different notion of success – instead of corporate climbing, staying home and caring for the family was the ultimate goal. However, this tendency meant a substantial loss for the government’s revenues – which they needed to address.

So, in recent years, the feminist lobby has repeated ad-nauseum such words as ambition, success, better salaries and getting to the top, but there is a catch; how many women thrive in the top-salary jobs or enjoy becoming the boss in their professional life? The reality is that the vast majority of us have ( and are happy with ) a normal salary in a normal job. 

It seems as though the concepts of ambition, success, money and power have little to do with liberation. In reality, women’s rights should stand for respect, dignity and opportunities, and any other idea is manipulation in order to ensure more federal income through taxes. 

Personally, I am a mother of two who opted to be a working mother, not because of ambition, but because I truly love what I do. And I want a world for my daughter where she feels free to opt like I did, without being persecuted by a “feminist” ideological patrol with a hidden agenda.

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