Why Are Luxury Fashion Labels Opening Coffee Shops And Restaurants?

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With sizes of clothes and lingerie becoming smaller and more distanced to what is the reality of customer body (J.Crew offers size 000!), we can’t understand why luxury fashion labels are opening coffee shops and restaurants inside their concept stores.
Why does fashion that teaches us to stay beautiful and elegant we need to starve, decides to serve us food?
The heads of Marketing, who have smart and witty answers for everything, will tell us that the labels want to give their clients an exclusive experience of luxury and pleasure. But maybe the case is that Champagne with caviar and blini are an alternative to business, in times of crisis in sales.
Giorgio Armani has more than 13 coffee-shops and restaurants around the World. Don’t try and tell me that the income generated by this side business is low. Gastronomy is an evolution of the label such as Armani Casa, Armani Hotels, Armani Perfumes. Nevertheless, the luxurious fashion houses insist on convincing us that this is all about the unique experience the customer receives.
Apropos clients, Chinese, Russians, and Brazilians, who are suffering from an economic hangover, are rather going to drink their sorrows away with champagne then go on a shopping spree for handbags and shoes.
Burberry, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Bulgari, Chanel, Dunhill are only a few brand that are betting that food is becoming the new fashion. The least they could do now is start feeding their models properly.
I’ve been to the Ralph, Ralph Lauren’s restaurant in Paris, and ate the probably most expensive burger you can have. Don’t get me wrong, the place is incredible, definitely worth a visit, but you better be prepared. A word of advice, first shop then eat, because if you get a bit carried away you could put on some weight, and we don’t want that, now do we?

Click on the gallery to see the addresses of the most famous coffees-shops in the world of fashion or here for breakfast tips in Vienna.


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