How To Wear Jewelry Properly

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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And even if it might not be entirely diamonds we are dealing with, it’s true that a good piece of jewelry can actually lift our hearts up. But while most women will confess about their love with all things jewelry, it’s a percentage far smaller that actually knows about the do’s and don’t’s of wearing it.

May we combine a golden charm bracelet with a classic, silver clock faced watch? Is it proper to wear a family heirloom with high street fashion? And what if you loathe your n-laws’ tendency to purchase diamond stud earrings? Well, agonize no more because we are here to help. 5 steps to the Notorious etiquette of wearing jewelry properly:

  • Diamonds let you sparkle – by night! It’s terribly untasteful to brag about them in the office or your children’s school.


  • Mix platinum and gold jewelry: it’s about time we all moved on from a law that’s simply outdated. We all wear jeans with pumps, don’t we?


  • Passed-down pearl necklaces can be nice but it’s comprehensible if they make you feel too much of a twinset-wearer. In this case, have it converted into a bracelet – preferably one that is loose and multi-rowed.


  • Do wear costume jewelry, but never pretend it’s actual gemstones you’re wearing, meaning: never mix fake gold and real gold. It would come across very cheap.


  • Mix your family heirloom with high street fashion. Just because you’re wearing pearls doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to wear them with a twin suite and quilted jacket. Jeans, a simple, cashmere cardigan and a sparkly brooche is much more what we’re striving for.


  • It’s not proper to wear rings on your middle finger, but in one place: if it’s a statement ring. In this case, make sure your nails are well-groomed!


  • Load but not overload: layering necklaces, bracelets or even earrings can be really cool if done right. But beware: the line between fashionable loading and swaggery over-loading is thin!


  • Jewelry must always look effortless. Like your favorite piece of clothing, a good piece of jewelry seems as if it was part of you. There’s nothing more ridiculous than someone who looks like a newly decorated Christmas tree every time you see her.


  • And last but not least: it’s terribly elegant to pretend you have no idea about your diamond earrings’ carat size and value. No one will believe you and it’s absolutely fabulous.

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