Our Post Holiday Detox

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Feeling your batteries are low right after the holidays? Worry not, because you are not alone. Apart from the obvious depression that comes from the end of the most wonderful time of the year, the constant binge-eating you pretty sure indulged in during those days doesn’t help either. If you feel a post holiday detox is needed, we got what you need.

1. Go for an easy “cleanse” with lemon water and tea

It is known that a cup of warm water + lemon juice in the morning can do wonders for the skin, but it also helps activate your system and get your inner gears working. Tea is also your best friend: go for green tea to feel purified and peppermint when your troubles start in the stomach.

2. Drink plenty of water anyways

The best way to get rid of that extra bloat? Drink like there is no tomorrow. And I am not speaking of wine. Chug lots of water and you’ll see the difference in no time, from the size of your face to the one of your belly.

3. Veggie it up

Processed foods, sweets, red meats and tons of dough is what dreams are made of. However, if you want to fight those extra kilos happily gained during the holidays, make sure that your post holiday detox includes loads of veggies of every sort. This is a no-brainer, so make sure to get that batch of broccoli rolling.

4. Reduce after work drinks

I know that after work drinks sound like the perfect consolation to forget the duties of the new year, but it doesn’t help a lot with your new year detox. Alcohol is sweet, but it dehydrates you and it has more calories than you admit to yourself every weekend.

5. Sadly, exercise

I also know you hoped not to find this one here, but the sad truth is that there is nothing better than some exercise on a weekly basis. Which, to make it even sadder, doesn’t mean just once a week either *wink wink*.

In addition, here you will find some health and beauty myths debunked so that you can dodge the traps of the internet and avoid that weird thing called “juicing”.

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