Sticking To Your NY’s Resolution

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We all know the situation: it’s NYE, you’re bungee-jumping between melancholically reviewing the bygone year and trying to live up to the huge party- expectations you had and somehow it feels like only a good New Year’s resolution will be able to pull you out of this misery.

  • Last year you promised yourself to stay away from chocolate for two months, which ended on Epiphany when you were invited to your grandmother’s house for tea and you just couldn’t say no to some self-made, soft chocolate cookies – it would have been SO impolite, right?!
  • The year before you resolved to spend one afternoon every two weeks with your straggler-brother – cinema, zoo and cosy literature afternoons is what you were thinking of, right? That one ended up in the two of you strangling each other over the last M&M. But apart from that, you actually stuck to what you had promised and it felt great!
  • So why not dare a step a little bit bigger this year? Why not TRY TO GET IN SHAPE? Just imagine how great it would feel if summer arrived and, for a change, you didn’t have to post the sloth-meme saying “they tell me to get in shape – round is a shape”! But beware: we are definitely not talking starvation diet, we’re talking sports! Exhausting, sweaty, feel-good sports!

And even though we all know how good having done sport feels, we also all know what an overcoming it can cost. Putting on those ugly worn-out jogging pants, an oversized pyjama tee and your pair of smelly 90s trainers isn’t exactly the embodiment of an easy start, right? So why not change something about this? Why not treat yourself with a pair of chic running pants?

We have compiled a gallery of the best running pants there are and wish you an easy (running-) start into the reality of 2016!



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