LOTW: Dressing For Christmas From Your Closet

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Quite possible scenario: Christmas is here but your money is gone. Spent on various Christmas gifts, punch and shiny decoration, you have participated in every part of the Christmas shopping fever but the one for yourself. So what now? Wear a sheet? Your grandmother’s wedding gown? Go naked?

Don’t be dramatic! But still, your sparsely-stocked wardrobe will have to be enough this year! Therefore, you better start finding a bearable (and festive) way of combining your slip dress with a bomber jacket and glove shoes (doesn’t even sound that bad, does it?). So what outfit can we wear if we have neither time nor money to spend on new things? What combinations do we all have in our closets anyway? Read on!

  • Every lady, if old or young, owns a little black dress she loves. It’s flattering, simple and easy to combine – so this is exactly what you’re going to do. Pimp it up with an elegant, satin (?) boyfriend blazer, glittery flats and the right hairstyle. You’re going to be so fabulous through and through, no aunt is going to annoy you with your not-so-fabulous love life.
  • Most of us own more summer dresses than there are warm days in a year, but have problems when it comes to being warm AND chic. How is a wintery dress supposed to look like anyway? Wool? Velvet? Sheepskin? As we clearly do not have an answer to this riddle we’re gonna make do with adapting light dresses to heavy temperatures: layer, layer, layer. Bustier over turtleneck, strap dress with a button down or a playsuit with those overknees; there is always a solution!
  • If you’re the kind of gal who wears jeans 24/7, whose uniform consist of said item plus sneakers and who hates anything that forces her to sit crossed-legged – exhale! Notorious did NOT forget about you: combine your beloved piece with a pair of chic French loafers or high heels and a cool blouse and before you know it you look like Caroline de Maigret casually attending a Vogue gala dinner.
  • Lighten up little chimney sweeper! Black always works, also on Christmas. Black trousers, black blouse, black shoes and – to give it that special something – an eye-catching piece of jewellery. Less is not always more, but in this case, it definitely is!
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