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What Is It About Christmas And Seeking Love?

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Photo via legacybox.com
Photo via legacybox.com

Christmas is the celebration of love, joy and family. It is the time of family get-togethers, contemplation and – sadly — mass consumption. But also, it is a time when singles avoid Christmas markets because it reminds them of their bygone relationship, love confessions via Whatsapp are made and you start texting that guy again. If Christmas is a family celebration, why are we all so desperately looking for a romantic counterpart?

  • Christmassy TV programs that year after year review Love Actually, the Holiday and Holiday Inn aren’t very helpful when it comes to mastering the art of being self-sufficient. In these films everything is horrible in the beginning but turns out to be wonderful on the 24th – which is fine, apart from the fact that I have never experienced that in reality. Why has there never been a Christmas movie on just-friendship-not-gone-relationship or cat-women?
  • It could be the winter fat (and accompanying forever-alone fears) that drive us in our desperate suitors’ arms again. Just because we didn’t deem him good enough back in those hot summer months doesn’t mean we can’t re-establish the contact and rake in some comforting compliments on how the winter made us look like a better snow white (HA HA, as if those hairy, pale frankles were anything but disgusting!).
  • Hibernation is still deeply rooted in our DNA, right? Considering the fact that we spend most of the winter either in bed or dreaming of it actually eliminates every query on loneliness. If you keep cancelling any social event there is and having lonely Netflix-and-sleep Friday nights it’s no wonder you start feeling lonely. Pull yourself together, put on those warm, sheepskin boots and make an excursion – to the next supermarket, naturally. Chocolate cookies ain’t gonna buy themselves!
  • Alternatively, it could also be those Christmas events: company parties, (uptight) cocktails and family dinners make you wish for a better half, who would take care of flirtatious bosses, frenemies and “caring” great-aunts. Attending these events on your own very much puts you out there, forces you to justify your life and makes you feel like a butcher’s display on a Saturday afternoon. Why is being single in summer cool and being single in winter a fool?

Having considered various reasons for this pathology that seems to concern everyone but, in comparison, to rejoice very few, I am wondering: shouldn’t we rather spend our time with the ones we really (and already) love than losing ourselves in an endless odyssey of seeking love?

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