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Before-Christmas To-Do List

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Photo via tumblr.com
Photo via tumblr.com

In case you’re not the perfect mix between friend, girlfriend, housewife, daughter, mother, businesswoman, shopper, cook, baker, planner and about any other role that exists, chances are high you are more than over-challenged with all the duties that come with Christmas and the Holiday season. The behavior pattern of doing nothing when you should do everything is all-round, so let us annoy you with a little truism: less is sometimes more. In our case, this means reducing the Christmas mania to the essential. You might have to add one or two things (we can’t all have the same to-do list, can we?) but here’s a little helper on what we have to do before Christmas:

  • Get your presents together: consult our exquisite gift lists for inspiration or be genius and have genius gift ideas for 20 of your closest relatives and friends – but GET THEM PRESENTS TOGETHER.
  • Plan an outfit for each Christmas/holiday party you are gonna attend in advance. There’s gonna be enough to be stressed about, make it one thing less.
  • Make a list of whom you have to call/text and wish a merry Christmas (picture in a picture syndrome ahoy!)
  • Buy Christmas bakery, put them in the self-made Christmas box some 7-year old relative gave to you ages ago and tada, Christmas mode is on. Obviously, I’ll also accept self-made Christmas bakery, but this list is about simplifying Christmas preparations…
  • Do your Christmas grocery shopping before the 22nd to escape the real rush. Nobody likes fighting over the last package of smoked salmon and honestly – it’s so ungracious!
  • Buy a Christmas tree, preferably also before the 22nd – again, nobody likes to have that one tree that looks like it had been struck by lightning – and decorate it. It’ll put you in Christmas mood.
  • Sit down and have a glass of wine. After all, Christmas should be about peace and quiet, don’t let the Christmas commerce make you forget that!

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