Do You Have A High Or A Low Maintenance Fashion Sense?

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Who are you? A real fashion addict or the rock’n’ roll jeans’n’ shirt kinda gal? Check out the symptoms!

High Maintenance: 

  • You are always spick and span. No man apart from you brother and father would ever get to see you in sweatpants. As Eva Mendez said, sweatpants are the reason for divorce (and probably any other mischief in this world).
  • You spend most of your money on fashion and chances are high you have an expensive weakness, like Manolo Blahnik shoes. Your monthly salary goes directly to the bank because your last shopping trip put your account in the red. But aren’t shoes a reliable investment, after all?
  • You love going out, meeting friends for a drink, going to cocktail party or to a disco – every occasion to dress up is welcome and it is very rare that you are underdressed. Who wants to wear jeans to a dinner when you can impress with that Gucci dress, that is not available in your city, but you bought on your last London trip?
  • You forget what you have: your wardrobe is so stuffed with dresses, pants, shirts, blouses, pullovers, blazers, jumpsuits, jackets, scarves, underwear, socks, tights and shoes that regularly you stumble over a piece that you found “so amazing” when you bought it but afterwards simply forgot about it.
  • You don’t need Youtube tutorials, you make them. Your mother passed down the family’s beauty secrets to you when you were 12 years old and words like foundation, contouring and invisible make-up are more than familiar to you. You were the teenage girlfriend who was always in charge of the other’s make-up and hairstyle.
  • You hate it when an invitation says casual. Where has all the glamour gone, you’re asking yourself? The Hollywood golden era would have been your time!

 Low Maintenance:

  • There are three hairstyles in your world: ponytail, messy bun and down.
  • You have your own uniform: jeans and t-shirt, blouse if it’s dressy.
  • Keeping it simple is your life motto, also when it comes to your haircut. Your hairstylist knows what you want because it’s always the same: cut off the split ends. If you’re feeling fancy you throw a clip or handband up there. Cinderella feeling: on!
  • You hate it when a dress code says black tie, formal or basically everything that forces you into wearing high heels.
  • When you’ve overcome your inner rebel and you’re finally wearing those shoes you feel great. Everyone compliments you, tells you to dress like that more often and for a very short moment, you think the same way.
  • …but only for a very short moment: damn, those shoes hurt! Why would anyone deliberately torture herself that badly?
  • So when you go out, you normally stick to jeans, a t-shirt and (fancy alarm!) a leather jacket. You’re the cool gal, the rock gal, the one who is always envied for her easiness.
  • You love the gym. Not because you love working out, but because you love wearing your tracksuit and “I’m going to the gym later” always works as an excuse for wearing aforesaid piece all day long.

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