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Notorious Etiquette: Preparing For Holiday Season

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GIF via Kat Lawson
GIF via Kat Lawson

Let’s hope you’re not like me when it comes to Christmas. I am sitting here, thinking “I should really start buying presents.” Next thing I know is I’m ordering super cool lace-up shoes for spring. Yes, you’ve got to treat yourself every now and then but NOT NOW! Maybe I can give them to my mother as a Christmas present? Nah she wouldn’t like them, I am telling myself. Besides she’s too old to wear this kind of shoes.

Did I actually just say that?

This year I am trying to avoid ritually delaying all Christmas preparations (except for the punsch part) to the 23rd of December. I will be a decent, little Christmas elf with everything that comes with that:

  • Find a suitable dress. Maybe I can wear the lace-up shoes for Christmas? Whether you’re celebrating with the family (decent), friends (party) or beloved one (naked?): plan the outfit in advance. Nobody likes a last minute mashup.
  • Plan and buy the presents. Give what you’d like to get. This way you can always generously offer to take over the dress that “is so much more your style than mine!”.
  • Decorate your flat. Buy those kitschy fairy lights and hang them on your balcony. Hang a little greenery on your front door. Swipe with reindeer paper. It makes you think of the looming holiday season!
  • Make a gingerbread house. Get some ready- made gingerbread dough and play carpenter for a day. Decorate it with icing, smarties and raisins – the “one Big Mac menu and a diet coke” principle always manages to silence my guilty conscience!
  • Eat it up on the same evening. “Just one more pick” you’re telling yourself. Remember that Sex and the City episode in which Miranda throws away chocolate cake in order to not eat the whole thing up and then emergency-calls Carrie to inform her she’s just eaten aforementioned out of the bin? SO ME!
  • Make Christmas cards. When worse comes to worst remember: parents always welcome a self-made Christmas card. Or an indefinable clay figure. Or so…
  • And when nothing can get you in holiday mood…watch Love Actually. This even makes me eat gingerbread and wear wool socks in August. Can’t be so bad, can it?

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