LOTW: Tackling The Holiday Wardrobe

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The Holiday Season is coming – well, more or less – and so is the end of annum 2015. And like writing a final paper when finishing university, it is our annual duty to show off what we’ve gained from the past year, especially fashion-wise. Starting it with flowing hippie robes and silky kimonos in SS15 and finishing with slip dressing and pajama outfits, everybody can identify the central theme that accompanied us on this year’s journey through the fashion jungle: comfort.

And now, that Christmas with all its pros (food, presents, holidays) and cons (food, presents, leisure stress) is looming, I am wondering: can we wear pajamas and nipple-revealing slip dresses when celebrating Christmas with our parents (in law)?

“No that’s definitely not on!” screamed my rather traditional friend when raising the issue a few days ago. And even though I am neither screaming nor using an exclamation mark when telling you this I’ve got to endorse her. Keep pace with the pajama trend. Put on the man bun, even if you’re a woman. But not on Christmas! Save your energy for something else rather than for the vain attempt of introducing aforementioned trends to your pearl necklace wearing mother-in-law (pearls can be nice, but you know what I mean). Quite frankly, it’s not worth it.

Therefore: What ARE we going to wear for Christmas? What is good enough to console us for the relinquishment of comfort? Is there a happy medium between surrendering to the monster-in-law and provoking said person?

Happily there is. I’ve selected 13 pieces that are trendy, fairly comfortable and compliant to unspoken rules. Check them out in the gallery!


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