The Juicy Couture Tracksuit Goes Collectible

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Photo: Victoria & Albert Museum via
Photo: Victoria & Albert Museum via

Yes. It is actually true: the Victoria and Albert Museum in London will exhibit a 2004 version of the Juicy Couture tracksuit in traditional bubblegum pink.

“What? This tacky piece is about to become a part of history? My god, our society is really going down. When I was young this would have never happened!” – if this is your kind of reaction you’re probably the secret admirer, hiding your pink terrycloth somewhere beneath your 2002 Burberry scarf and ultra low cut, flared jeans and putting it on WHENEVER you’re alone (classy!)

In contrast to that, I am more of the “Isn’t that fabulous? Finally, I can publicly stand by my beloved light blue sin again. When are we gonna throw a Juicy-Couture-only party?” – kind. Because: whether you’re ready to admit it or not, nobody can tell me it isn’t the perfect Sunday afternoon binge watch, Netflix and Ben&Jerry’s outfit.

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In days like these, when the hip Millennial wears Nike Roshes and the ever-controversial legging trend seems to come to an end, it is no wonder that the Victoria and Albert Museum wants a piece of that cake. Furthermore, the term “athleisure” has finally made it into the dictionary (my writing program still marks it red though) and I am wondering if ever again, dapper-dressing will be a common objective?

In case you’ve missed the movement, athleisure is one of the biggest trends in the fashion and retail world right now and embodies athletic apparel that people can wear in non-athletic settings. But these days it’s more than wearing your old jogging pants for shopping. It’s about integrating items with an athletic ethos (silhouette, fabric) into your everyday wardrobe. Looking at it from this perspective makes me think of Sandy’s black, shiny leggings in Grease and I am ruminating: will there ever come a day when fashion (not trends!) and comfort are not mutually exclusive anymore? 

Check out the gallery for a good laugh about celebrities in Juicy Couture tracksuits!

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