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Photo via datacenterjournal.com
Photo via datacenterjournal.com

Following the example shown by the writers at Man Repeller, we thought of sending our own thoughts.

It was a hard decision, because there is hardly something right to say today. In the wake of recent events, we have realized how small we are, and how unimportant actually is every other trivial problem: at work, at school, at home. We have also realized, or remembered once more, that we have been blind for quite a long time, scarcely lifting our heads whenever such vicious attacks took place just outside our main area of interest.

On tv we see Paris, and, not on tv, there are Beirut, Baghdad, and all the victims of violence who are escaping, looking for a new place where devastation cannot touch them anymore. And many more victims, many more insults against humanity, every day.

Everybody is sporting only a French flag today, because social media is funny like that: it’s selective. Let’s try not to be. Let’s send our thoughts out to everyone, from the West to the East and back.

It’s scary to feel this vulnerable, and, as Amelia Diamond wrote on MR, it seems pointless to wake up this Monday and come at work to write about shoes, bags, dresses. It feels like we are just closing our eyes in front of these major tragedies, it feels like betrayal. And this is what I was thinking up to the moment my eyes ended up on the article. There I found the first words since this weekend that were trying to dig through the darkness, and those which pushed me to come to work this morning ready to write about shoes, bags, dresses.

“[…]the difference between all of us and terrorists is that terrorists destroy. They tear things down. They do not build. We build.”

Just yesterday I lay on my bed contemplating the uselessness of anything other than keeping my eyes glued to the news, and today I am ready to build.

Let’s build, each their own and together alike. Let’s remember these events, carry them in our hearts, help wherever we can; but let’s not let them poison our guts with their darkness. We never know when this can happen again, and where. It might feel wrong, it might be scary, but it’s the only thing we can do to rekindle the lights.

This is not a political or religious statement, but a very human thought, for other humans.

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