Does Lipstick Make You Feel Better?

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Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor

“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together”

I am not sure anyone human can prove it, but Facebook and Google Images both confirmed that this quote belongs to Elizabeth Taylor. After all, nobody complains when all kinds of random sentences are attributed to poor soul Marilyn Monroe. So I am going to go with that.

Elizabeth Taylor or not, the quote is speaking the truth. How does lipstick make you feel?

Science says it makes you look more competent and reliable in a professional setting. Which is awesome, because who doesn’t want to be some degree of Miranda Priestly (admit it)?

But lipstick is also good for your mood and soul. When you are feeling down and you need that much-needed boost of confidence, it’s that touch of rouge that makes a difference. It’s what I like to call the “Whatever, I’m awesome” effect. It feels great, you should try.

A good, extreme example is brought to us by former convict Piper Kerman, as reported by the Huffington Post and Allure. In her book about her experience in jail, Beauty Behind Bars (by which Netflix show Orange Is The New Black was inspired), she explains how makeup helped her bond with her fellow inmates and that “some mascara and lip gloss went a long way toward making me feel like perhaps I still had something to offer my fiance”. Fwy, the fiance was not in jail.

If lipstick can make an inmate feel pretty even with prisonwear on, why would that stop it from making you feel like a badass?

And feeling like a badass — or, paraphrased, feeling self-confident — is the whole point of a brave beauty choice. Still the Huffington Post reports the wise words of style psychologist Kate Nightingale: “red lipstick can boost your confidence. Because the colour red is associated with confidence, sensuality and power, wearing red lipstick can induce those feelings in us.”

So yes, Elizabeth Taylor had a point. Let’s pour that drink and wear that lipstick and let’s all be badasses together.

And now take a look at these women who made lipstick their signature beauty style.

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