M2M, A New Fashion TV Channel

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Photo: WME/IMG via
Photo: WME/IMG via

On Tuesday Made2Measure (M2M), a new fashion TV channel, debuted exclusively on Apple TV. The channel is devoted entirely to fashion and is a product of the sports/entertainment/fashion behemoth WME/IMG.

The company operates/represents 13 fashion weeks around the world, including New York, London and Milan, as well as A-list celebrities, models and artists. They also acquired Made Fashion Week, a former “rival” of New York Fashion Week and The Wall Group, home to famous make-up artists and (hair-)stylists. Basically, they own fashion world.

And that’s why their goal is big, but maybe not too big: promoting fashion as entertainment and bringing it into the pop culture vernacular, next to music, television etc.  They want to transform the formerly exclusive world of fashion into something that is accessible for everyone: “There are so many incredible stories to tell in this industry, but premium video programming that’s authentic, modern and thought-provoking is still difficult to find. We’re excited to use our unique access access […] to give everyone who loves fashion the opportunity to explore the industry from the inside out.” says Mark Shapiro, Chief Content Officer for IMG.

According to the WME/IMG announcement, M2M will show a variety of fashion-insights. Amongst them a series of fashion profiles, called “Iconic”, which will talk about subjects such as Marcello Mastroianni, Balenciaga and Grace Jones. Furthermore, they have bought the rights for streaming fashion films and documentaries, amongst them “Valentino: The Last Emperor”, “Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?” and “The Day Before”. But there will also be more contemporary content, such as a talk show with Laura Brown, executive editor of Harper’s Bazaar, called “In And Out Fashion With Laura Brown” and the possibility of following Made Fashion Week’s behind the scenes in real time.

The thing sounds like it could be a huge success and I am really curious if it will work out as well as it could. We’ll see if we’ll actually get Apple TV to watch M2M or do without it. Not unrisky, I’d say!

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