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Notorious Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts Of Turning Down A Date

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It doesn’t matter how old you are, it will never get any less awkward. Turning down a date is bad business, almost as much as asking for a raise, cleaning the toilet and parties where you don’t know anyone. Imagine having to turn someone down at a party where you don’t know anyone — sounds nightmarish, but it’s actually a scenario likely to happen.

But turning down a date is not only something that is more fun not to do; when mastered, declining a romantic invitation can become a skill, and one to treasure. What follows is a handy guy that will teach you how to master said skills, or at least to get out of there quickly.Turn-Down-Date

You don’t need to say yes

First things first: the whole reason I am writing this is because you shouldn’t forget you have every right to say no. Sure, it’s nice and fun to give people a shot. But, as you should remember every day: no means no.¬†Don’t be afraid to say it (mostly in a nice way).

Don’t be a mean girl

Asking someone out takes courage. If this person is asking you, it probably took him or her a good ¬†amount of sweaty hands and nail biting. If you are going to decline, do it with a smile and a “thank you”. Laughing in the person’s face is a no-go, and one that makes you my number one enemy, because who does that?!

The “I have a boyfriend” etiquette

Ah, the evergreen of all excuses. But there is a ‘but’. If you really have a boyfriend, sure, go ahead and say it with pride. However, if you are single but just not in the mood, you shouldn’t need the boyfriend card to make your ‘no’ count. When asked why, you can say “Because I don’t like you in that way“. When asked why a bit too persistently, you can say “Bye”.

If by text: don’t just ignore

The beauty of a text is that you can pretend not to have read it, but please, don’t be that girl/guy. You know the frustration of when you are trying to make plans with someone who is just too hangover to answer? There.

If it’s a friend: good luck

There is nothing I can say to make this any easier. If your best friend lost it for you, you can just be nice and pray he or she will be willing to pretend that never happened. In any case: ouch.

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