Lady Gaga Is In The Spotlight Again

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Photo by Frank Ockenfels/ FX via
Photo by Frank Ockenfels/ FX via


…And all of a sudden, Lady Gaga is in the spotlight again. I wouldn’t want to use the word „comeback“ though. After all, she hasn’t really been away.

Only six years ago Gaga was one of the biggest, singing “Telephone” with Beyoncé and getting interviewed by Oprah. She is an artist with six Grammys, two number-one albums, and, seven years after releasing „The Fame“, more records sold than Nirvana, Aretha Franklin, and Bob Marley. Considering she is only 29 years old that is quite an achievement, I’d say!

It only seems like she’s been away, because after the incredible success of her first two studio albums – Born This Way sold an overwhelming 1.1 million copies in its first week – her most recent solo album Artpop was a defeat of only 258,000 sold copies.

But the actual problem was a narrative one. The singer missed the most important ingredient: reinvention. In times of impression-overload, reinvention is an obligatory part of STAYING. And Artpop was just a warmed-up version of Born This Way, really. By the time it was released, we had already grown tired of Gaga‘s always similar, oh-so-eccentric self-staging. Even the music stayed the same!

And this is what was different about her truly amazing Oscars performance in February: In honor of The Sound of Music’s 50th birthday she sang a medley of the musical’s most popular songs. And to everyone’s pleasant surprise her whole appearance had been redesigned: in a relatively restrained, white evening gown and 50s diva like golden locks, only her tattooed arms reminded us that there had been wilder times. But more importantly, accompanied by violins, Lady Gaga showed that she can really (!) sing and was rewarded by standing ovations. Bravo!

The next big thing in the singer’s life just happened three days ago when Tom Ford presented his Spring/Summer 2016 Womenswear collection: “Having a runway show has become so much about the creation of imagery for online and social media and watching a filmed fashion show can be like watching a filmed play [which is never very satisfying],” the designer said in a statement.Therefore, the ever forward-thinking designer decided to do a fashion film instead of a conventional runway show.

And guess who’s, once again, the star of the hour? Lady Gaga! Together with Nile Rodgers she covered Chic’s „I Want Your Love“ for the video’s soundtrack (it has Jamiroquaiesque features) and also is its dominant force. Together with a handful of incredibly good looking models, she seems to be having the time of her life. The whole thing obviously wouldn’t be half as appealing without Tom Ford’s SS16 collection: it is incredibly cool and sexy, silver accents and a bit of a Studio 54 flair make me watch the video over and over again. Much more, it makes me wish I’d been part of the nightclub’s legendary parties!

But that’s not where the story ends: Only yesterday Lady Gaga announced she would be the guest star on the next season of American Horror Story. Set in a haunted hotel in the 1930s the series continues to have a surrealistic, scary tone – the perfect setting for Gaga’s personality and interests I guess. The advertising trailer and pictures look like her role is the happy medium between eccentric self-staging and her newer, more classic-oriented lady singer. Seems like the Mrs. has found a way to combine at least two of her many faces. Watch out: never stop reinventing yourself!






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