Dirndl & Co — What to wear to Oktoberfest 2015

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From the 19th of September to the 4th of October, Munich is, once again, all topsy-turvy: In the Bavarian capital, everything is up and about for the annual Oktoberfest and you shouldn’t miss it! For these two weeks people from all around the world are celebrating a traditional folk festival and the “Wiesn” dress code is indisputable: without dirndl for the ladies and lederhosen for the gentlemen, one should better not enter the beer halls. For this reason we will show you the 10 most trendy ways to join THE event of fall.

One would think dirndl is dirndl but this is definitely not the case. From slutty carnival costumes to high-necked, silk versions, everything is galavanting around the beer halls. So where exactly can we draw the line?

The most important rule: Don’t be clownish! “The Wiesn is a folk festival but no carnival” says designer Julia Trentini. She recommends conservative Oktoberfest-style: “The trend is clearly going back to tradition” she says. And the good news is: to follow this rule, you don’t have to wear dirndl. The so-called walkjanker is trendy, emancipated and just as appropriate – think about it!

Talking of tradition, Lena Hoschek is definitely the one. Her designs are historic but not dusty, eye-catching and still restrained, elegant and sexy at the same time. She has a separated costume label called “tradition” where you find everything you need. From dirndl over the suitable petticoat to smartly cut walkjankers, you won’t miss anything.

Also beautiful, more conventional and a bit more laid-back in terms of design are the models of the Munich-based designer Julia Trentini. Especially her high-necked, blouseless models score with nostalgic countryside patterns that remind me of my childhood on the countryside. She manages to offer fully patterned neck-to-knee outfits without appearing overloaded.

Last but not least, an Austrian classic: Tostmann. Originally from Seewalchen, a little village by a wonderful lake in Salzburg, they have been producing dirndl for 66 years now, which obviously determines their work. At Tostmann’s you get the perfect all-around dirndl, which can be worn over and over again and which stays with you for your entire life. At Tostmann’s you don’t buy an outfit, you buy a lifelong companion.

Have a look at the gallery to see 10 of my favourite models:

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