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BIG NEWS: Understudies The Show On Notorious TV

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Binge-watching: a delightful pastime for those who come home from work in the evening and can’t be bothered with anything else but sitting in front of a screen with a good tv show and some ice cream. Or pizza. Or on weekends when the weather doesn’t let us do active things (or it does, and we pretend we didn’t notice).

Love it or hate it, binge-watching happens to all of us, and we are here to give you some more. Meet…


What is Understudies?

Understudies is a web-series telling the misadventures of Astoria Bagg, actress with a rather unexciting career. But things change when she lands a part in Broadway as an understudy in the soon-to-be theater masterpiece Twilight at Tiffany’s. Or do they?

The series is the brainchild of Elisabeth Gray and Daniel Zimbler, and it’s set backstage on Broadway.

Wait, what is an “understudy”?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines understudy as “an actor who prepares to take the part of another actor if that actor is unable to perform”. In other words, an actor who is probably not going to act unless things start to be bad. And this is the world in which we follow our heroine; a universe of comical uncertainty within the backstage of the vamp-vintage production of Twilight At Tiffany’s.

Understudies on Notorious TV

We are proud to announce the landing of this amazing show on our channel Notorious TV. Binge-watch all the episodes of Understudies here.


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  1. With this news of Understudies, I'm totally stoked, and grateful for having been a cast member. It's a great show with great writing and an hilarous story. The cast took first place at ITV's 2014 Film Fest with some famous, familiar faces who really brought it! This is cool!

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