Socality Barbie Is Better Than You!

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Socality Barbie Is Better Than You

Barbie’s traded her high heels for Nike Roshes, her designer bag for a Fjällräven backpack, her little pink dress for a self-knitted cardigan and Ken for God. She seems to always be travelling, happy, effortlessly cool and a bit narcissistic. She’s living an #authentic life, in harmony with #nature and her #vscocam app. She is always ready for a photo because a moment not shared is a moment not real.

I am talking about Socality Barbie. Run by an American woman from Oregon, Socality Barbie’s Instagram satirizes the generation Y’s huge trend towards “adventurous” photography. And who could better point that out than Barbie, a mass produced embodiement of perfection? On her Bio it reads “That PNW Life | Adventurer | Coffee Drinker | Jesus | Authentic Living | Socality”. So far so good. But, oh, wait! What does Socality mean? No, Socality is NOT sociality; it’s a Christian “social community for all eternity” — whatever this may be — and #socality was used as a hashtag over a million times on Instagram.

Socality Barbie’s profile is an endless stroll of artsy snapshots of coffee, herself wearing beanies and gazing into the exotic distance or legs in front of a breathtaking view — never without a filter, of course! Everyone who has ever flicked through a Kinfolk magazine gets the style; it’s everywhere on Instagram.

Moreover, Socality Barbie’s photos are always combined with the supposedly suitable hashtags: #authentic, #creativity, #nature, #explore, #adventure, #travels, #path, #dreaming, #wilderness and, of course, socality. Simply follow the right recipe — it’s not rocket science to have one of these uniform hipster Instagram accounts.

I am glad somebody has finally found a good way to depict a trend I have been observing for quite some time but never knew how to illustrate. It is a generation Y trend. The greatest characteristic of generation Y is, that everyone considers himself “the one”. And the most popular way of being “the one” is by being artsy. This lead to the exact opposite: an Instagram feed where you can’t distinguish one person from another.

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