Poor But Cool: Street Fashion Poetry By Anton Belinskiy

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It’s hard to speak of fashion which manages to be socially active, but Ukranian designer Anton Belinskiy gets close. Poor But Cool, or so is his latest message for the world outside Ukrainian territory that the designer prints out loud on his garments. Most of the inspiration for his collections come straight from the streets of Kiev — a youth that deals with war and a shaky economy, while still standing its ground. The message is strong, as are the loads of retro sportswear and street cred influences on his creations.

Anton Belinskiy is young, capable, and new on the scene. Nevertheless, he conquered the hearts of a bunch of important people within the national and international fashion crowds. After his debut at Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Week in 2010, he has been all over the place and we hope he continues, because he surely earned this one.

Apparently, Belinskiy travels a lot through his Ukraine to catch the looks which make his homeland what it is; not just street style from the heart of the capital, then, but also traits of traditional costumes end up on his successful runway. The designer put the affection for his country and its costumes in an early — yet my favorite — example. During the protests against Viktor Yanukovych’s government already in December 2013, the Ukrainian fashion world took over the streets of the capital in its own way — with clothes. Belinskiy, sided by photographer Alexandra Trishina, 16, and model Nastya Petrishina, 15, dressed in a mix of the designer’s clothes and traditional Ukrainian pieces, improvised a photo shooting in the city’s Independence Square. He told

“Around us there were students covered in blood, protesters, journalists. At first they could not understand what we were doing, and some were even a bit aggressive, but then after understanding what it was they strongly supported us.”

The media loves Anton Belinskiy as well. Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Ukraine as well as Vogue UK, Vogue Italy, Glamour UK, POP Magazine and others.

Anton Belinskiy FW 2015 «Poor but Cool» from Wonderzine on Vimeo.

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