What’s With The Half Bun?

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As it often happens, the beauty world is taking over something that has been done forever and declaring it a new, awesome thing. This time, it’s the turn of the half bun. A quick Pinterest search will show you how, in order to make the appropriation official, it just takes a quick name. Is it kind of up? Is it not a ponytail? Definitely a half bun! It seems like the a moment in time when we’ll be letting our hair down and call it the non-bun is not very far away.

As the world embraces messiness, which is kind of cool, it also obviously doesn’t know it’s what we have been doing all along. The number of tutorials trying to show readers how to make a hair bun is proof. Unsurprisingly, most are made up of two explanatory pictures. Cosmopolitan dedicated a huge post to it. It’s massive, not to mention absolutely unnecessary.

However, this thing has been done over and over, sparking debates on the way. There was the innocuous normcore, which is about wearing nothing special and looking totally normal, as there was the discussion on cultural appropriation which is a hot topic to this day. The LA Times was just one among many to detail cornrows as a new bold fashion trend, attributing it to white people, while really we all know it comes straight from black culture.

Sure, a half bun is not the same. It is not a big deal, and it’s not offending anyone. I like the half bun! I am wearing one right now. But I also wear it while I am cleaning my flat, while I do the dishes and when I don’t need no hair on my face. It’s not a style, it’s a functional thing!

Beauty world, if you could just calm down about making a trend of pretty much everything, that would be great.

If you are not sure what a half bun is, check the gallery. Yes, it’s that thing!

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