Should You Get A Buzz Cut?

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072016f5576b05ce47499b6a364694b2 (1)Getting a buzz cut is something for the brave. And yes, every single woman who has seen V for Vendetta has probably dreamed of looking as banging as Natalie Portman does with no hair — but who does, really?. However, there is an ocean between saying and doing, and chopping off all your locks is a hard thing to do. Here is what you should consider while asking yourself: “should I get a buzzcut?”, because come on!, you have to do it at least once, but it’s sooo scary.

First off: can you pull it off?

Obviously, we strongly believe that whatever you like on yourself, you can easily rock. However, a buzz cut is not something you can change the next day, so think about it. Will you be happy looking at yourself in the morning? Because there is no ponytail to save you.

Are you ready for the quickest post-shower prep ever?

It shouldn’t be your first reason, but not even the last one. No more hairdryer crusades five minutes before you have to run out of the house to catch the bus, and no more hairstyle shuffling.

Are you also ready for regrowth?

While wondering whether you should get a buzz cut, you should also ask yourself for how long you feel like keeping it. If your answer is one to three months, maybe it’s better to let it go. Hair growth is way more evident on short cuts, but mostly, the real hassle begins when you decide to let it grow. Prepare for every single stage of nightmare hair.

Ask your hairdresser

Don’t listen to your mom or your friends, but do listen to your hairdresser. They know what they are talking about concerning lengths, colors, and what can be made with your hair.

Be creative

If you decided to go for the buzz cut, you might as well go a little crazier. If you want to spice it up even more, go for revolutionary colors like platinum or bright red.

Click on the gallery for some buzz cut inspiration!

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