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How To Cure End-Of-Summer Blues

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You’re right, it is unsettling. After one year spent waiting for summer, one day you go ahead and wear a pair of sandals and a sundress and call it a day. Amazing! Then something even crazier happens: those holidays you booked six months in advance to make sure you got an affordable flight are next week. Incredible! And then, just like that, it’s fall.

It is upsetting to realize that the most loved season of all is also the shortest one, and if you have been lucky enough to find sun and heat throughout your holiday (you wouldn’t believe how many times I did not) it might hurt even more to go back to office life. But let’s set our priorities straight and let’s find a way to face — even embrace — this mood. Here is how to cure end-of-summer blues.

tumblr_ljuxz6XDIn1qe4xmjo1_500_largeHey, you did go on holidays

If you did: what are you complaining about? In order to fix most blues, the best solution is always a bit of tough love. You managed to spend a week in that heavenly resort in Spain? You are the luckiest person ever, be happy about it. You will always have the selfies by the beach.

Enjoy the last bits

Go out for drinks at sunset with your friends while it’s still warm, go for night swims until the weather holds, wear all those summer dresses you didn’t wear so far because you thought “It’s not time yet”. It is time now!, and it surely won’t be in October. Maybe just don’t buy new sandals, it doesn’t sound like a good investment.

Don’t you miss layering?

If there is something missing in summer, it’s definitely layering. Yes, wearing flip flops and a sarong for an entire week feels liberating and somewhat primordial; but at the end of the day, how can you be totally mysterious and charming without a flowy mantel over a sweater over a shirt?

Go shopping for fall

A consequence of the previous point. Miss layering? Go find some stuff to layer with! Sure, the perspective of wearing stockings again might bring you to tears, but haven’t you missed your leather boots? Plus, everybody knows shopping cures all.

Think about Christmas

The ultimate desperate move. Think about your grandma’s pies. Think about Christmas songs. Go on Pinterest and check out all those pictures of crackling fires and snow falling outside. Force yourself to visualize the winter holiday spirit and look forward to it. Think about the lights!

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