Is Lingerie Now Giving You Power?

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It’s happening: plus-size is becoming a cool thing in fashion and surroundings, different kinds of beauty pop out from every corner of the field; women are turning their backs to Photoshop to opt for something even more alluring: confidence. There is a long way ahead, but sure the first steps look promising.

However, several blurred areas remain; those areas where it’s hard to tell whether the female cause is taking a step forward or two back. When it comes to lingerie, for example, we have an obvious case.

Yes! Lingerie is awesome! We all wish we could have a wardrobe filled with lace and take a stroll around the house wearing a silk robe and furry slippers, just for the sake of it. However, lingerie ads and campaigns have a reputation for not helping the female cause. Half naked women laying on a couch? Not something you want to see while wearing a pre-laundry outfit after eating a pizza.

Or at least, that’s how it was. The past year has happily seen the rise of models of different sizes, and, if you take a good look at a couple of recent campaigns, you can see a considerable decrease in women in underwear reclining on couches.

Lingerie models, while still mostly sporting the bodies of Greek muses, are starting to assume different positions; ironically (and beautifully!), those that are called power positions.

Has the impossible become possible? Maybe advertisers realize that models lying around in provoking positions it’s not the best way to make women feel comfortable and buy their lingerie. Maybe they realized it was slight objectification. Whatever happened, the game has changed.

Is lingerie empowering now? I sure hope so.

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