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Notorious Etiquette: How NOT To Pack

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The holidays are approaching, they are closer than ever. You can already smell that Margarita on the beach and gossip under the sun. But before you get there, before you are able to flaunt your brand new beach bag, before you even put your foot on the promised land…there is one thing that needs to be done. Some much feared, organized packing. We all know the basic rules — bring just the minimum, forget big bottles of liquids if traveling with a hand luggage, etc. — but not many of us are ready to follow them. So here is how NOT to pack, to save you at least a tiny bit of trouble.

Remember: you are not moving

Three suitcases might look better than one, but they sure are not comfortable to carry around. If you’ve ever moved from one city to another via plane, you know what discomfort I am talking about. Why sweat and curse at your luggage while you could stroll around with just a bag?

Bringing “a choice” is not a good excuse

You know what makes a difference between a smartly packed suitcase and a nightmare on wheels? The certainty that you need to replicate your wardrobe experience while on vacation. There is no space for that. Put together your favorite outfits and bring them along.

photo: froschinsider.com
photo: froschinsider.com

If you haven’t worn it until now, you won’t wear it on vacation

That dress that shows a little too much cleavage is not going to make you feel any more confident on a beach party full of strangers.

Know how many shoes are too many

One pair for the day, one for the night, and that’s it. Also, got some new chunky boots? Maybe it’s better to put them on while traveling, especially if you are a physically weak person like I am.

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