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Nope, You Did Not Eat That – An Instagram Account To Reveal The Truth

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The profile description says it nice and easy: “Speaking the truth in this mixed up world of too many macarons and ice cream cones used as props”. And there is not much that the anonymous pursuer of dietary truth behind You Did Not Eat That needs to add to that. The rest is shown, in obvious Instagram fashion, through pictures and pictures of supposedly uneaten food being posed with by the belles of the fashion world.

The anonymous Instagrammer wants to cast light on all those macarons, donuts and pizza slices that fashion bloggers pretend to bite into for the sake of a good photo and the consequent shower of likes. But why lying about what actually manages to get into your stomach?


In a recent interview with the Cut, the anonymous paladin doesn’t sugarcoat the pill. “If you’re a size zero, and you’re frolicking in a tiny bikini on the beach, you probably did not eat the doughnuts that you posed with the sunglasses. It’s just presenting this curated life that’s beautiful and perfect and totally unrealistic. More power to you for rocking that! You look awesome! Don’t lie about how you got there! It’s fine.” This girl (or guy! But the gut tells me otherwise) does have a good point. While You Did Not Eat That is made for fun, the author has all the good reasons to go ahead with her personal mission.

When we complain about the unrealistic expectations presented by the media, we always forget about the insiders: Instagram models and fashion bloggers, those overnight celebrities who, in some cases, end up having more influence than some old school celebrities. And what happens when said influence is handled the wrong way? A pizza slice might be innocuous, a donut can be beautiful, but why making countless fans believe it’s all a big binge-eating session and impossibly small sizes? We know all that well how this usually turns out. The culprit might not be photoshop this time, but we are still talking about fakes. Unless you have the most amazing metabolism ever, that is.


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