Someone Is Making Sneakers That Change Color On Command

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Say what? From now on our favorite creative technology company EVER, +rehabstudio has announced some pretty sci-fi plans. As of today, the company is working hard to create fashion from the future: a pair of sneakers that change color on command, because yes. The product is called the Shift Sneaker.


Yes, for real. Says the creative company: “We believe that in the future, when you buy a single pair of sneakers, you will actually be buying 1million pairs”. Such sweet words.


The question might be: how the hell? As you can imagine, the answer is not simple at all. The +rehabstudio people believe in fashion combined with integral electronics, so they went on and decided to hack the sneaker from scratch. In short, the change of color will be possible thanks to a combination of shape memory materials, light-bending materials and electrical signals. And probably much, much more.

What do I do?sn1

As an owner of the sneaker of the future, what you will have to do is have a smartphone and download designer packs, through which you will give the input to your shoes and zap, the color you want is on your shoes. The designer packs will be as diverse as you can dream of, with concepts spacing between basic safety colors to Nasa-themed designs. Anybody (you too!) can create and upload a design, as well.

BUT WAIT, there is more. +rehabstudio is quick to show off that one thing that will win you over if you are not already looking for your wallet: purchasing the Selfie Pack, it will just take a selfie to have your sneakers generate a design matching your outfit in seconds. And this is not even the most awesome feature.

I want 20 of them

But you will have to wait. This genius project is still in the make.

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