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Notorious Etiquette: How To Host A BBQ

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It happened: it’s hot, it’s sunny, and your friends realized you are the only one of the group with a garden. You have no excuse now. You will have to host your first summer BBQ, invite all your friends to judge you for it and pretend it’s something you perfectly know how to handle. The truth is: you don’t, and your only experience with BBQ is sneaking at those your friends organize and steal the last sausages. In order for you to keep your coolness, here is how to host a BBQ.

Try it out with your family who loves you unconditionally

photo courtesy: fanforum.com

If this happens to be your real first bbq, you better give it a try in advance. Try not to burn a couple of steaks and enjoy them with your family, who won’t mind if you poison them by mistake. Here is a beginner’s guide, because this is etiquette, not a food blog.

Beer is happening

Even if you are a wine person, you cannot host a barbecue without a good stash of manly beer. That is just how things go. Beer under the sun feels great, but when the barbecue party becomes a long, tipsy one, show off with some mojitos. Because why not?

Toppings are on you

Your guests might be required to bring along their grillable delicacies, but as a host you got duties. Get all the toppings you know of and more, prepare simple sides like nachos and guacamole, and don’t forget the basics, like water and salt. You’d be surprised how often people forget those.

hWear a Badass Apron

I know you want to wear your new summer dress, but there are priorities. Protect the very same dress with an apron with some sassy prints such as “Good Looking Is Cooking”; this will distract your guests from your cooking skills.

Don’t forget your vegetarian friends

Not many things are more awkward than a forgotten vegetarian at a BBQ party. Remember to keep foil around, so that your friend doesn’t have to let his halloumi cheese soak in the meat juices. Don’t be that kind of friend.


featured image: abudhabiconfidential


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