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Notorious Etiquette: How To Survive Wedding Season

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Summer isn’t all about beaches and mojitos in the sunset, and that is particularly obvious with the first steps into adulthood. It’s then, and just then, that summer becomes something else: wedding season.

Invitations came (all together) just a few months back, and now they are staring at you from the fridge door you hanged them on. It’s time! Wear your best party frock and learn how to survive wedding season, one RSVP at a time.

Remember: you don’t always have to go


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A wedding invitation is not a letter from someone’s lawyer. You don’t have to go to your Tango teacher’s wedding, nor to the one of that guy you dated for one month back in 2009. They probably don’t even want you there. Tell them you have another wedding on that day (totally plausible) and keep yourself free for a wedding you definitely have to go to: your aunt’s.

Save Up, Don’t Buy The Shoes


Weddings are expensive business, and not just for bride and groom. The couple might be going out of its way to get the guests free booze and Spanish delicacies, and they damn sure expect you to buy them something expensive as a thank you. Save some money and keep your splurges for next month, because you can’t get out of this one with a €50.

The ‘Plus 1’ Dilemma


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Most films involving a wedding always have someone bringing a fake date as their ‘plus one’ just to let the other guests know that they are not sad and lonely. This never ends well. However, I suggest doing it, because going alone to weddings can be just slightly less boring than queueing at the bank during lunch break on a Monday. Also, those typical wedding hookups films always include? Kind of a myth, but feel free to ask the bride-and-groom-to-be some details about potential interesting guests.

Dance The Night Away


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After refreshments, cake and hopefully several free drinks, the dancefloor seems to be the only place to be at weddings. Don’t be the sad one sitting at the table pretending to text: join the dances, especially if you did go alone in the end. As little as two glasses of champagne are enough to make you believe you got the moves.

At Least There Is Food


Even if it’s your fifth-grade cousin’s wedding, even if you haven’t seen him since you were kids and sure enough you have no idea who he’s getting married to, even if you have no plus one and everyone else at the wedding seems to be over 80, even if the music seems to belong to this age range, remember: there is free food. A lot of it.

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