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Notorious Etiquette: How To Handle A Frenemy

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Oh, frenemies: the apotheosis of a silent cat fight. Mostly females, they are your friends in theory, but in reality? Not so much. Having a frenemy is being involved in a cold war made of who-wore-it-betters and boyfriends’ likeability. You wouldn’t tell her your most private secret unless it includes bragging about a new promotion at work or a number of guys fighting over you.

Rivalry on these terms can be fun, but there sure are a couple of rules to follow if you don’t want your mostly harmless cold war to expand into a full-blown nuclear war. I am here on Notorious Etiquette to tell you how to handle a frenemy, the classiest way possible.

At a party


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When you and your frenemy have friends in common, it’s pretty easy to run into each other  on the weekends. However, meeting your frenemy among several other people can be ok and also refreshing — just another occasion to show off how popular you are or talk with someone in front her about that raise you got. Remember to laugh loudly and beautifully.

Out for drinks


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When it comes to going out the two of you, however, it’s not all fun and games anymore. First off, why in the world would you agree to go out for drinks with someone you secretly despise? Well, it’s because, at least on the paper, you are friends and that is what friends are supposed to do. But remember to have several of those drinks: it will be a showdown of who-does-it-better. Brag a lot, with a smile on your face, and occasionally pretend to check your phone because oh you are so busy and highly requested. Also, giggle when you receive a text to pretend your boyfriend is so sweet and caring, even if the text is from your mom.

When she buys that dress you wanted


She knew you loved that dress; she knew all along. Actually, this is probably the main reason why she bought it in the first place, taking advantage of that moment of weakness in which you confessed how much you liked it. And now that she is wearing it and it looks great on her, you know you can never have it. And then she goes: “Oh, this? I’ve had it forever!”. Keep your cool, girl. Act as if it was nothing, even if you are crying inside. Then go and buy a dress which is even cooler. In your face, frenemy.

When she crosses your territory


Flirting with your significant other is something some frenemies do, especially if you’ve got yourself a nice one who is also good-looking. It is a matter of power display, and it’s just as annoying as it sounds. But don’t worry too much: if your partner is really as great as it seems, he won’t take the bait. But if you see some flirt really happening, well…find another partner.

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