The Not So Dirty Truth About Facial Oils

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Face+Oil=Yikes! Right? So wrong. We love facial oils over here and no, we don’t mean a greasy face.

We all know oil has a bad reputation as the evil stuff that lives in our skin with the sole purpose to cause us misery and breakouts. The truth is, facial oils can do wonders for your skin. They leave your face looking younger, dewy and almost etherial. In some cases too, oil can even be used as an effective and gentle cleanser. The days of fear are over!

There are many proven benefits of using facial oils:

1. Softens Wrinkles

Once you get to your mid-thirties you skin naturally starts to lose oils because the moisture barriers start to break down. This makes winkles start to look deeper. Coconut oil and olive oil are a good way to replenish and moisturise deep into the layers of your skin, plumping up your face and making wrinkles look softer.

2. Protects Against Free-Radicals

Many botanical oils are potent antioxidants, some of the best in this category are argan, passion fruit, and African marula oils. One of our favorite argan oil product is from Kahina. Just a few drops will get you a looong way.

3. Better Absorption

When you apply an oil before an anti-ageing cream it allows ingredients like retinol, glycolic acid, and vitamin C to penetrate the skin more deeply, which makes them work better. Now, there isn’t any reason to put your best face forward.

Thoughtful, happy and beautiful

When applying facial oils don’t forget to apply it in upward circular motions to get the most out of your regiment! And if you have any excess oil, don’t worry… Rub some into your hair (and scalp at night) to give your hair strength and shine!

The leader on the market is Rodin Luxury Face Oil, it may come with what appears to be a steep price but one bottle goes a long way. And I mean, the results speak for themselves… one look at Linda Rodin and I will have whatever she is having!

Shop a few more of our favorites:


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