Power Dressing — 9 Powerful Women & Their Wardrobes

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Power dressing is the name for that style that accompanies women on their journey towards power. As women don’t have it easy in most fields, power dressing can help  keep your head high while not neglecting your good dose of femininity.

The world is full (and has been for a long time) of iconic women who are remembered both for their style and influence. They are the ultimate role models to all the ladies out there willing to get their own spot in the world. We show you our inspirations — and encourage power dressing for all.

Michelle Obama

First lady, yes, but also lawyer, writer and activist, Michelle Obama has great style and knows how to rock those designer frocks.


photo courtesy: Forbes & InStyle

Coco Chanel

Inventor of the Chanel suit and obvious style icon, every girl in the world has a moment (or many more) in which she wants to be Coco. Chanel jackets and hats all the way.


photo courtesy: Tiendaropa & RareVintage

Dorothy Draper

Behind America’s very first interior design firm, she was a model for women who wanted to conquer a male-dominated industry. Concerning fashion, she said: “Style has nothing to do with expense”. We are not sure about that, checking out her earrings. Still, a good lesson to learn.


photo courtesy: DwellStudio & DecoCharm

Lady D

Sad princess with an unfortunate destiny, Lady D stole many hearts with her charm and interest for the less fortunate. Also, her style was classy and impeccable — a princess whether married to a prince or not.


photo courtesy: Yahoo Lifestyle

Amelia Earhart

Rule breaking woman on all levels, Amelia Earhart took power dressing to another level: up in the sky (quite literally). And we have a weakness for aviator goggles.


photo courtesy: Buzzfeed

Jackie O/Kennedy

Fashion icon of the 60s, the style of the 35th First Lady of the United States is remembered to this day, from her Chanel suits to a relaxed casual outfit.


photo courtesy: Harper’s Bazaar

Elizabeth I Queen Of England

Women rulers? Hell yes. Elizabeth I handled England and Ireland all by herself. Also called The Virgin Queen due to her refusal to have a husband and the lack of descendants, the mysteries and secrets of her private life remain unknown. Her big gowns and jewels still shine in her portraits.


Marie Curie

The inspiration every little girl needs, Marie Curie won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry and another one in Physics with her husband Pierre and colleague Henri Becquerel. I don’t know about you, but I love that black and white game.


Joan Didion

American author and literary journalist, Joan Didion wrote the best essays of our times. She also starred in one of the latest Céline campaigns — and she was awesome. Her style is the most elegant, keeping it simple and fabulous even at 80.


photo courtesy: NYMag & VelvetInsider

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