What To Wear On A Restaurant Date Without Overdressing

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Restaurant dates, you might have found out already, are not like in the movies. While rom-coms might imply that you should expect nothing less than the fanciest restaurant in town, the truth is often far more modest. Plans could include anything between the brand new vegan burger bar around the corner and a cool french brasserie.

However, it is still a date, and you want to look effortlessly great without giving out the impression that you picked your style advice from Sex and The City. So here is what to wear on a restaurant date, with no need of HBO.

The Little Black Dress

The LBD has an acronym of its own for a reason: it goes with everything and it works for everything, except maybe a day on the beach.


photo courtesy: GlamRadar & Southmoltonstyle

Jewelry is your friend

When the restaurant of choice is a surprise, it’s not easy to find the fine line between under- and overdressed. Good news is, jewelry will save you, because you can take it off in the bathroom if it ends up being too much.


photo courtesy: Lefashionimage & Slffashion

Platforms shoes

They give you height, but they are not stilettos. They just make you look pretty cool, no side effects.


photo courtesy: Whowhatwear & Thefashiontag

Jump-suit up

There is nothing more comfortable (until you have to go to the ladies’) and nothing more versatile. Long or short, in black or colorful, it just takes a few accessories and you are ready to rumble.


photo courtesy: Hellofashionblog & Amyparent

Clever makeup

You know what’s a turn-off? Too much makeup. And you know what’s awesome when you manage to do both eyes at least similar? Winged eyeliner. The cat-eye look won’t disappoint, and it creates completely different looks depending on the thickness.


photo courtesy: Dailymakeover

What also looks great with winged eyeliner is red lipstick, creating the most classical 50s look. Always a good idea for a first date; just double check you haven’t smudged any on your teeth.


photo courtesy: Theultralinx & Whowhatwear

feat. image via Firswefeast

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