90s Fashion Has Some Good Points

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There is no fashion season which doesn’t include a little throwback, and there is no throwback like the one that digs up the most controversial areas of previous fashion chapters. Today, we talk about the 90s — that decade seemingly so close, but also so far away in terms of style (also, let’s be honest, in terms of time).

From grunge dolls to chokers (who didn’t have one? I must certainly did), from the belly chains of the nearly-2000s to the most wanted hair buns: the best part of some healthy throwback is learning to mix and match with the trends of the moment. And here is how we mix and match 90s fashion while we get ready for Spring 2015.

Those Braids

Hip hop-inspired or hidden in your mane, braids are never ever out, really. Not just a Sunday evening style to make your locks curly, then — braids are to be worn with pride, now like then.


photo courtesy: Harper Smith & Babble

Denim Jacket 4ever

One of my steady fashion rules: as soon as the thermometer rises above 18 degrees C, nothing will take the place of my jeans jacket. The grungest way to wear it always involves pins — favorite bands, idols, messages, your pick. Its most important feature: it can be worn with literally anything BUT other jeans (sorry, double denim).


photo courtesy: Tumblr & Jeanstories

Baby Barrettes

Barrettes, bobby pins: these are actually a big thing. And for practical reasons, too. If only they stopped disappearing from our beauty case every single time.


photo courtesy: Stealherstyle & ManRepeller

Hair Buns

Hair buns are — must be! — the future. Not only they do give that futuristic vibe; they are also the perfect solution when your hair is long enough and summer seems wasted on just standard ponytails.


photo courtesy: TrendHunter & Cairusso


Hate them or love them, chokers seem to reappear from time to time. Even if they can look extra cool adorning many necks, my relationship with chokers is the same I have with bangs: often want them, often regret them.


photo courtesy: HairChalk & ShopStyle

Round Sunnies

Iconic round sunnies, faithful friends of many summers. I don’t really see how these might ever be out. Definitely a favorite together with the cat eye sunnies.


photo courtesy: Etsy

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