Did Beauty Just Go Ugly?

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We often talk about the latest beauty trends, most of which are spotted in the mighty FW15 backstages. However, since a fashion show is still, as the name itself says, a show, many designers opt for a generous dose of weird. Clown faces, filthy-looking hair, over-pierced faces: FW15 beauty choices covered it all.

The love for a good show is clear, but if sky is the limit when it comes to creativity, where will this tendency bring us exactly? Could ugly really become the new beautiful?

Maison Margiela

The circus just went fashion. If you really think about it, this might be a pretty accurate parody of someone who just wears too much makeup. Vibrant colors and a rather weird look in the models’ eyes — Maison Margiela clearly plays with a whole other kind of first impressions.


Rick Owens

Feeling like going to work with yesterday’s face mask? Rick Owens agrees. Gold and silver are the shades of choice. And while it all goes wonderfully with the futuristic collection, I can’t help wondering how itchy it must be.



We already covered the beauties of this member of the coolest goth club. If Givenchy wanted a dark show, he definitely managed. Just stop for a second and imagine the weigth of all those piercings and earrings.


Alexander Wang

Another goth club kid, Alexander Wang played with the season’s beauty trends in a very simple way: keeping the model’s hair unwashed.


Gareth Pugh

Crusade coming up? Then you might want to steal Gareth Pugh’s look. I admit I have a weakness for all things vaguely medieval, and this collection surely plays with it quite well.


Comme Des Garçons

The idea that seems to lie behind these pieces, much like big spider webs creating a natural veil on the models’ faces, is certainly beautiful. But I must say, I really had a hard time distinguishing between front and back pictures.


photo courtesy: & Dazed

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