How To Wear Black All The Time

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Fashion master Anna Wintour might be saying that her personal no-go is head-to-toe black, but not everyone has to feel comfortable wearing stuff which lays outside the dark zone. Let’s make it clear: I personally keep my outfits ranging between pitch black and grey, with the occasional dark tones and even more occasional white. Why? Because I love it.

Your acquaintances comparing you to Wednesday from the Addams family are mainly wrong on one thing: wearing head-to-toe black doesn’t make you a goth, and it doesn’t make you any sadder or meaner. Also, Wednesday from the Addams family is awesome.

However, such monochromatic choice requires creativity in order to escape boredom (also, have you ever tried to find that black t-shirt among 20 similar others? In the dark?). So here is how to wear black all the time while staying awesome.

Do add pops of color

A colorful clutch and a colorful outfit are two very different things. Same goes for colored outerwear. A hint of color actually does have the power to make your fashion darkness stand out more. Note: blue jeans don’t count (wink).


photo courtesy: Harper’s Bazaar

Know your jewelry

If a bright green clutch sounds just like your worst nightmare, you can further minimize the sparkle while still keeping it interesting. Jewelry is, in this case, your best ally. Go for rings, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories; even tiaras, if you must.


photo courtesy: PopSugar & MyFashAvenue

Step up your lipstick game

Same same, but different. Keep your lips flashy and enjoy the contrast. Red is always a winner, but I can suggest some very loud pinks when you want to try something different.


photo courtesy: TheFashionElectric & Polienne

More is more

As the shade is one, you might as well enjoy some play time when it comes to cuts, lengths, fabrics. Layer up in winter, extra-accessorize in summer. Above all, trust Emma Watson.


photo courtesy: WhoWhatWear

Haters gonna hate

Last but not least: the best way to wear black all the time is just wearing it and not caring. Happiness isn’t necessarily baby pink.


feat image: TheColorStalker

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